Application Trowels


Traditional Japanese Application Trowels

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Premier Hanyaki Application Trowel A101

 Primary application trowel used for applying and evening earth, lime, and cement based plasters.

Recommended length: 210 to 270mm


  Premier Aburayaki Application Trowel A121

 Application trowel used for applying and evening Shikkui, lime-sand and cement based plasters.

Recommended length: 210 to 270mm


Honyaki Application and Finishing Trowel A231

 Application trowel used for applying and finishing earth, lime and and cement plasters.

Recommended length: 210 to 240mm



Honyaki Jinzo Trowel 


Hard, thick honyaki steel used for compressing cement based plasters for a Terrazzo or exposed aggregate finishes.

Recommended Length: 210mm


GL Wooden Trowel

Wooden trowel for leveling plasters and concrert 

240mm  5,790JPY

270mm  5,820JPY

300mm  5,860JPY

330mm  5,940JPY

360mm  6,060JPY