About Us

The name Kiwado (木和土) consists of three Chinese characters. Ki () means tree, representing the living world. Wa () means harmony, the most fundamental principle of   Japanese architecture and landscapes. And Do () means earth, the foundation of our work. Taken together, Kiwado strives for the harmony of all life on Earth.

Kiwado consists of professionals specializing in Japanese plastering and contemporary natural building. Our work is embodied in the preservation and promotion of traditional Japanese arts and ecological living.

The Kiwado product line features natural Japanese plasters and high quality, carefully selected application tools.

Bringing the beauty of Japanese homes into your living room, Kiwado Plasters are at the interface of traditional Japanese plastering and a modern ecological lifestyle. They can be incorporated into almost any building, from traditional homes to modern construction.

Recognizing the need and desire for information regarding Japanese Trowels, Kiwado brings the entire spectrum of Japanese trowels to your doorstep. From the most renowned blacksmiths to the most economical contemporary trowels, Kiwado provides detailed information and supplies both individual and wholesale orders.

Kiwado acts as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world, sharing Japanese construction practices and expanding the possibilities of natural building in the West. Taken together, our aim is to preserve Japan’s plastering tradition and to provide the world an authentic experience related to all aspects of Japanese construction.


Further details of our work can be found on our blogs:

http://japaneseplastering.blogspot.com (in English) features detailed tutorials on a variety of Japanese finishes and photos of fine Japanese architecture.

http://holzhueter.blogspot.com (in Japanese and English) features articles on natural building and sustainable living.