Yamasugi Jigane Trowel Set

Sugita Kogyo is among the most renown trowel black smiths in Japan.

Sugita-san is a descendent of the famous Kajiwara lineage of Miki, Hyogo Prefecture blacksmiths.  Miki in Hyogo Prefecture has been the heart of traditional Japanese blacksmiths for hundreds of years.

Sugita-san is a nationally recognized, award winning and certified traditional craftsman.

His hand forged Yamasugi Jigane trowels are regarded as among the best in Japan.  Superior to other Jigane trowels, Sugita-san's hand forged trowels are repeatedly pounded, increasing iron density and resiliency. The finish trowels are also thicker and heavier, resulting in the ideal Jigane trowel, excellent at distributing and evening earth plasters.

Various lengths to accommodate any size space and ensure that the brown coat (middle coat) is completely flat and even in texture, preparing the perfect surface for the finish coat.  

 Seventeen Jigane trowels ranging in length from 36mm to 277mm (15mm intervals)

Nine Jigane Trowels ranging in length from 36mm to 277mm (30mm intervals)