Aggregates and Fibers


Kansui marble, powder

25kg (55lb)

Very fine marble powder added to polished or compressed finish plasters to improve workability and reduce shrinkage.

Kansui marble, 0.35mm

25kg (55lb)

Fine marble aggregate added to improve workability and facilitate textured  finishes.

Kansui marble, 0.7mm

25kg (55lb)

 Small marble aggregate added to improve workability and facilitate textured or relief finishes.

Washi Paper Fibers


     Washi paper fibers are added to fine polished lime or clay-lime plasters to prevent micro fisures.  Being much thinner and softer than aggregate, hemp or straw fibers, fine lime and clay-lime plasters containing washi paper fibers are easier to compress and polish.  

     To use, cut off the amount of paper you would like to use and dissolve it in water. Stir with your hand or stick. The water will turn white. Separate the pulp from water through a fine sieve. Repeat until the rinse water is clear. When the rinse water is clear, the fiber will be almost invisible. There may be some white clumps remaining.

Remove white clumps with your hand. After straining, collect the clear fibers. Generally the amount of paper fiber used in a mix is measured after it has been reconstituted. For example, we often say, "the size of your thumb", or the size of a tennis ball, etc. as a measure of the amount of paper fiber we add to a mix. After collecting, the paper fiber will be easy to dissolve again. 


     One sheet (500 grams) will cover 35-50 square meters.

1 Sheet (approx. 500 grams) 5,390JPY