Toraichi's TOBI 8020 Series
A slender cut provides a smart and chic apprearance with a touch of toughness. The simple and slim lines easily match a variety of shirts, jackets and vests.  Toraichi's own original lining and trademark ensure style and class.


100%  Polyester

1: Beige

4: Dark Blue

7: Gray

63: Dark Brown

77: SUMI Gray


TOBI Trousers


Original lining and trademark

 The trousers come in 4 styles. The longer the inseam, the baggery the trousers. For a less baggy look, choose an inseam similar to what you would choose for denim jeans. For a more baggy look, choose an inseam longer than what you would choose for denim jeans.




Waist: 73cm-100cm

Length (inseam) 76cm


Price: 14,400JPY


Color 1, 4. 7, 63, 77


Double Long 8 Slim

Waist: 73cm-100cm

Length (inseam) 92cm


Price: 14100JPY


Color 1, 4. 7, 63, 77


Double Long 8 Ultra Slim

Waist: 73cm-100cm

Length (inseam) 88cm


Price: 14,100JPY


Color 1, 4, 7, 77

Riding Pants

Waist: S 76cm  M 79cm  L 82cm  LL 85cm

Length (inseam) 79cm


Price: 14,100JPY


Color 4, 7


Shirts and Jackets


8020 Hiyoku Open Shirt

Color matches trousers. 

Price: 12,800JPY


Collar Shirt

Color matches trousers.

Price: 12,900JPY




Color matches trousers.

Price: 12,800JPY



Toraicchi Limited Edition Shirt



Toraichi Limited Edition : Tigers Arms with long sleeves

White pictured in the top image.

Price: 10,500JPY






Toraichi Limited Edition: Tigers Shoulders with long sleeves

White Back (left)
Black and White Front (below)
Price: 10,600JPY