Shoes, Socks and Accessories


Jikatabi Boots

Jikatabi shoes have numerous advantages over western shoes, including improved tactile agility and overall stability, natural strengthening of the foot arch and reduced compaction of the ground.



Price: 7,820JPY






Jikatabi Socks

Jikatabi socks designed for Jikatabi shoes and split toe sandals.


One size fits 24cm to 27cm

10 pairs

Price: 5,000JPY










Split Toe Socks

Improve circulation, tactile ability and overall stability


One size fits 24.5cm to 27cm

10 pairs



Toraichi Wrist Supporter

100% Cotton

Adjustable wrist size

Sizes: M, L, LL, LLL

     Wrist Circumference

     M   <180mm

     L     >180mm

     LL   >200mm

     LLL >220mm


Price: 3,600JPY