Kiwado Plasters


Offering the highest quality Japanese plasters available!


  The name Kiwado (木和土) consists of three Chinese characters. Ki () means “tree”, representing the living world. Wa () means “harmony”, the most fundamental principle of Japanese architecture and landscapes. And Do () means “earth”, the foundation of our work. Taken together, Kiwado strives for the harmony of all life on Earth.

  Our work is embodied in the preservation and promotion of traditional arts and ecological living. Kiwado Plasters are at the interface of traditional Japanese plastering and a modern ecological lifestyle. They can be incorporated into almost any building, from traditional earthen walls to modern construction.

  Of course, all Kiwado Plasters are Zero VOC and compatible with standard alkiline and UV resistant pigments. Kiwado also offers interior and exterior base coats, sealers and top coats to ensure durability and compatibility with sub-surfaces, etc.




20kg (44lb)


 Traditional Japanese lime plaster. Apply with a trowel. Rich in plant fiber, highly durable and easily reaches a highly compressed surface. For exterior and interior finishes. Covers 15m2 (160ft2) at 1.5mm thickness.




10kg (22lb)


Finest mineral lime plaster. Polishes easily. Applied by trowel, spatula or spraying machine.

Covers 19m2 (205ft2) at 0.76mm thickness



Kiwado OTSU

20kg (44lb)

Traditional lime and clay interior finish with added diatomaceous earth for greater humidity regulating properties. Apply with a trowel. Available in various colors. Covers 15m2 (160ft2) at 1.5mm thickness.



 Kiwado IBUKI

 8kg (17.6lb)

Shikkui lime plaster with diatomaceous earth for excellent humidity control and improved indoor air quality. Various texture effects possible. Apply with a trowel or roller. Covers 5.1m2 (55ft2) at 1.8mm thickness.